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Truecompress Neck and Back Stretcher - True Compress
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Truecompress Neck and Back Stretcher - True Compress

"I have really bad sciatica but this stretcher helps a LOT. Just 10 minutes a day on it, and I felt immediate relief. - Maggie Peterson, USA 

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Relieve chronic back and neck pain in minutes. Without Habit-Forming Painkillers, Harmful Pills, or Expensive Chiro Visits!

  • Decompress and repair your vertebrae.

  • Restore healthy posture and prevent further injuries

  • Release the tension from your spine

  • Fast worldwide shipping

  • High Quality Back Relief Device

  • 100% Money back-guarantee

End your battle with sciatica, back and neck pain today!

Hard work, long sitting hours, bad posture - they've been tough on your spine, causing that sharp, shooting pain.

But with our Neck and Back Stretcher, and just 10 minutes a day, you can gently stretch out the discomfort, decompress your spine, and give those painful discs a chance to heal.

And the payoff? A pain-free back, a bright smile, and a happier you. All in the comfort of your home.

Grant Your Spine the 

Lasting Relief It Deserves

Inversion tables can break the bank and are unsuitable for nearly 40% of individuals, while chiropractic treatments can quickly become a financial burden—and the moment you stop, the pain comes back.

Our Neck and Back Stretcher provides targeted lumbar traction at a 26° angle, providing your strained vertebrae the much-needed relief from years of accumulated stress from inflamed nerves.

Consistent use of our stretcher for just 6-8 days not only rehabilitates your damaged spinal discs and muscles but also provides lasting relief from pain and fully restores your range of motion.

Restore your spine's natural curve and achieve better posture!

Avoid future injuries and achieve proper posture effortlessly. TrueCompress naturally re-establish your spine's ideal curvature while conditioning your muscles to sustain correct posture alleviating stress from crucial torso regions. 

  • Use it on your: chair, bed and floor.

Release muscular tension and live pain-free!

Crafted to lessen stiffness and let go of muscular tension in your neck and back. It has smart acupressure ridges that massage away back strains and sprains.

  • Get more restful sleep without burning neck pain, so you wake up recharged and focused.

  • Cradle your back at the perfect angle, applying therapeutic pressure to your muscles as long as you need.

Customer Success Stories

Trusted By More Than 21,970+ Customers Globally

Relieving multiple types of pain

Developed over 3 years with the expertise of top chiropractors and medical professionals. With $156,000 invested in laboratory tests, it's proven effective against the most common spinal complications, including: 

  • Neck pain

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    Truecompress smoothly eases your neck bones, taking away tension headaches, migraines, and the discomfort of pinched nerves.

  • Back pain

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    By gently stretching your spine at the perfect 26° angle, Truecompress offers comfortable decompression for your spine, allowing any bulging or slipped discs to pull back and giving irritated nerves a chance to heal.

  • Sciatica

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    With the stretcher, you not only loosen up your spine but also ease tension in your sciatic nerves, providing relief for your back, hip area, and buttocks.

  • Strains & Sprains

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    Find relief as it supports your spine and massages tense muscles with its smartly crafted acupressure ridges.

  • Injury recovery

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    TruCompress' firm angled support, encourages your muscles to maintain a healthy posture, helping you heal effectively and rapidly.

  • Joint and hip pain

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    Whether you’re at home or in the office, TrueCompress targets soreness in you joints and hips - instant relief is just a stretch away!

Doctor-Approved: Designed & Recommended by Medical Professionals

Truecompress neck & back stretcher is designed and recommended by chiropractors, orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

Achieve long-term results for less than 1/5 the cost of a therapy session.

Order today and receive our $19 Back Pain Relief eBook for free! This valuable eBook

usually sold separately, contains 8 simple exercises to alleviate back pain from the comfort of your home and is included with all orders placed today.

Plus, each order comes with an easy-to-follow PDF guide on how to use the Refresh back stretcher effectively. Don't miss this fantastic offer!

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